Portland Bartending School

Learn bartending at our Portland Bartending SchoolThe Portland Bartending Academy has been sold to a new owner and is no longer affiliated with Professional Bartending Schools of America, Inc. Please check back frequently as we will either add a new location to this website or offer a quality online bartending school program in their place.

PBSA bartending instructors are licensed and approved through each state Board of Education. Since 1994 Professional Bartending Schools of America has trained over 110,000 professional bartenders nationwide.

PBSA currently has 28 quality bartending school nationwide and trains over 9,000 bartenders each year. We take great pride in working with our students to find good bartending jobs so they may apply their newly learned skills to have fun and earn great money.

Oregon OLCC Servers Permit Course Now Available Online!

PBSA now offers an Oregon Server Permit Online training course. This course is produced by Learn2Serve and offered through our Portland bartending school website. Oregon has mandatory server training for anyone who mixes, serves or pours alcohol beverages in any licensed establishment that serves patrons on their premises.

You must take an approved OLCC course and them fill out the state application with a copy of your course completion certificate and the state will mail your Oregon Server Permit to you. The Oregon OLCC Server Permit is valid for 5 years. Visit our OR. Server Permit Online page.

Portland is a great city to be a professional bartender. With over one thousand licensed liquor establishments, there is a great choice of bars for our graduates to work at.

Whether you are a college student, graduate, retiree, unemployed, or would simply like to earn extra cash, bartending school is perfect for you! It can be a very fun and rewarding career.

Learn bartending at our Portland Bartending SchoolWhen you enroll in classes at a Professional Bartending Schools of America campus, we put you behind one of our fully-equipped bars, mixing drinks on your first day. You do not have to learn menial jobs that have no bearing on being a professional bartender. You concentrate on learning bartending from day one. This is a huge advantage over trying to learn on the job from a busy bartender with bad habits and no incentive to train you well.

In as little as two weeks, you will enjoy learning everything you need to know about bartending, including opening and closing the bar, proper mixing and pouring methods, speed techniques, over 150 of the most popular drink and shooter recipes, customer service, product knowledge and alcohol awareness safety training. We offer day, evening and weekend classes in most cities to fit any schedule.

Learn bartending at our Portland Bartending SchoolOnce you graduate from a PBSA school our job placement director will work hard to provide you with fresh job leads so you may find the bartending job you have always wanted. Our job placement program is ongoing so you may use it as often as you need.

Take the time to check out all of our pages and then TAKE THE NEXT STEP! Request more information on the Portland bartending school or call us today and we will show you how we can help you get started in your new bartending career in the greater Portland market!

If you are an owner of a bartending school near Portland, Oregon or thinking of opening a bartending school in Portland please contact PBSA and we'll help you open a school or market your existing school on our websites! Call us at 877 541-3555 and ask for Roger.